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Jan 24, 2023 | one page website

A website doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.

A well-designed one-page website can take just one page and pack a punch with Divi. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional method of using the homepage as a place to link pages like About or Contact, a multi-page website is not the only option.

One page can provide a smooth and easy user experience for different types of websites, whether it’s a store, freelance portfolio, restaurant website, or small business page.

Why should you make a Divi one-page website?

The limitations of a one-page design can work in your favor. Small spaces mean you can focus all of your creations on one page. Whether you’re building from scratch or using a template, you can add animation to the visual process, and use text patterns, color schemes, and spaces throughout your design. You can combine content that you would use for a multi-page website and turn it into a concise and engaging experience. This way, you can keep your site visitors in one place instead of sending them to multiple pages to get the information they need.

Below is the one-page website you can download for free


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