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Pizza Layout Pack

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  • Pageless/ One page website layout pack
  • Responsive on all mobile devices
  • Easy to configure
  • Menu/logo placement option either on the left side or right
  • Click here to view LIVE DEMO

Note: You need a Divi theme to make this layout pack works


One Page Website that you can use perfectly for building a great website for pizza restaurants

2 reviews for Pizza Layout Pack

  1. Johnf652

    Hello all, I am looking for someone who is a css & Divi guru. I need to boost site speed on a large site of mine and need to clean up all the useless css. Any recommendations on who to ask?

  2. uhnazifpiroy

    A lot of Divi websites have performance problems, and that sucks. My agency knows how to optimize Divi sites – ask anyone I’ve worked with before. So this holiday season I thought about offering help to the community. The goal of my agency’s BF/CM sale was to help out some folks struggling with their speed. Plain and simple.

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