Plumber Layout Pack

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  • Pageless/ One page website layout pack
  • Responsive on all mobile devices
  • Easy to configure.
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Note: You need a Divi theme to make this layout pack works


Divi One Page Website template for a plumber, builder. building, company, construction, handyman, industry, painter, roofing, renovation, constructor, contractor, electrician, engineer

The plumber is a one-page layout for plumbing, handyman, carpentry, electrician, and other construction websites. It includes a secondary menu below the primary menu with the logo, email, phone number, and contact CTA. A stylized image slider includes a tagline and contacts CTA. Services with prices are displayed within a mosaic image grid with text. Descriptions for services are shown within toggles. The layout makes good use of color, images, and fonts.

6 reviews for Plumber Layout Pack

  1. Mega Leans

    Migration questions: I’ve migrated my Divi site manually through Josh’s instructional video. The address of the site is exactly the same. I just wanted it on another SG account. So now I have the site on both SG accounts and when I edit on one, it effects the other as well. Now I’m kinda scared to delete it off my first SG account. Will all be ok if I do this? Should I just delete if off the first hosting?

  2. Francesca Janke

    new Divi Builder does not cover the wordpress login page.

    Way back when, Divi came out with the Divi 100 plugin that included a login page editor. I noticed that it seems to be working poorly lately and is still in version 0.0.1.

    Went looking for a more modern way of styling the wordpress login via Divi, and it doesn’t seem to exist yet.

    It is possible to create an additional (not a replacement) login page, but that tutorial is about 2 years old and doesn’t include the login page, leaving the same unstyled.

    soooo. How are you doing this these days? Know of a newer better way?

    with the video tutorial here

  3. asiamexit

    Does anyone know how to include a ‘comments section’ at the bottom of your Divi webpages so random people can comment on your posts and discuss your post’s topic? Something like in this picture but doesn’t have to be exactly the same. Thanks 🤔

  4. Warrenhib

    Divi Theme Options doesn’t save. Tried deactivating all Plugins but doesn’t help. Any suggestions please. Thank you.

  5. ShaneDuh

    Hello there, Isn’t it bad for SEO to have a dead link like this in the menu header? I installed Mega Menu of DIVI engine and getting this issue. I want to know how the redirect can be removed from this menu header and the label just becomes a static label so that google does see a menu item that redirects to the same page. If there is any other mega menu that has some type of design like my screenshot please suggest to me.

  6. FrankMit

    Can anyone suggest customize WordPress plugin for tour bookings using Divi?

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