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Real Estate Layout Pack

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  • Pageless/ One page website layout pack
  • Responsive on all mobile devices
  • Easy to configure
  • Video header
  • Click here to view LIVE DEMO

Note: You need a Divi theme to make this layout pack works


This is a One Page Website that you can use for Real Estate business.

2 reviews for Real Estate Layout Pack

  1. Clenn Sunico

    Leave a comment and suggest layout. I promise to build one just for you. Thanks

  2. Divi Duck

    Not directly related to Divi except i was working with Divi at the time.. and know there are pro mechanical keyboards users here! thank you in advance —>

    kittens + red wine =>>> spilt over my ducky2 mechanical keyboard. game over. it stopped talking to my Mac.

    took keys off. cleaned them. cleaned keyboard. replaced keys. nothing. anyone have any experience of killing a mechanical keyboard? could i try and get it fixed? or suck it up and just buy a new one? at the moment I am using a £7.99 keyboard.. which will drive me insane soon as it so lame!

    lesson learned i shouldn’t have been working in the evening, drinking wine, or having kittens charging around but hey i have a tiny house, work from home, and wanted to clear a backlog so i could take some holidays over xmas!

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