Tattoo Layout Pack

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  • Pageless/ One page website layout pack
  • Responsive on all mobile devices
  • Easy to configure.
  • Click here to view LIVE DEMO

Note: You need a Divi theme to make this layout pack works


High-converting One Page Website template for a tattoo studio. The tattoo layout pack is a one-page layout for tattoo artists. It includes a hero section with title, tagline, and blurbs in parallax. The menu is styled with rounded edges. The icons include hover animation. Scrolling reveals a full-width section with three images. Attached to this section are three boxes with clickable contact info and various transparent backgrounds, and a full-screen image with a text area for About information. A multi-layout gallery displays your recent work. Information about the studio includes an area for a photo and text followed by a styled map with a dark overlay that doesn’t scroll on hover, styled social follow buttons, and a styled contact form over a background in parallax.

4 reviews for Tattoo Layout Pack

  1. Gary Coleman

    Hi! I created a website, but the #ID method results in a jumping effect (one-page website) instead of scrolling. I need that scrolling effect, which should be the default behavior of Divi.
    – anchor in footer worked well (scrolled smoothly) but in menu not (neither on desktop, neither in the mobile menu)
    – html{scroll-behaviour: smooth} didn’t resolve my problem

    Thank you for your idea, maybe I miss something. Have a nice day

  2. carlashan

    Picking your collective brain. Working on something new (nothing fancy or special) but I’m a bit stuck on a menu that doesn’t display quite the way I’d like it. if you click on the hamburger, you’ll see that the menu items come next to each other, downward, instead of, as I’d expect, neatly one under the other.

    I assume it is some small CSS thing somewhere but after a bit of trying to figure it out myself, I figure it’s better to let the collective brain of this group help me. So if anyone has an easy solution, that’d be great! Thanks.

  3. MatInasse

    I can’t get a real responsive full screen, simply by turning the Divi full-screen button on my tattoo website!

    Are there any CSS by which I can make Sections, Rows, Headers Real full screen according to the size of the Monitor or Mobile? Thanks for your comments in advance!

  4. Tattoo Art

    Hi, fellow Divi users I am looking for some advice. I am trying to recreate a section seen on my Tattoo Divi website where the product features are clicked and the row below each icon reflects the content. Effectively it is like a tab section or a slider that appears on click. I can’t figure out how to replicate this same layout.

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